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Why Paper Tube Packaging Is More Popular

Nowadays, paper packaging is favored by the market. No matter what industry field, it is advocating or even compulsory to use biodegradable packaging to reduce the pollution caused by packaging. While occupying the market, paper packaging is constantly innovating to attract more attention from the market. Cylinder Paper Tube Packaging is a new form of paper packaging.Paper Tube is one of the typical representatives of paper packaging, but its appearance is obviously different from ordinary paper packaging. The paper can has a cylindrical three-dimensional structure, which has a good display effect, and can highlight the characteristics and advantages of the product, thereby attracting the attention of consumers.

Custom Paper Tube
More and more Paper Tube Packaging has been used on the market, especially in the highly competitive fast-moving consumer goods industry. New packaging forms are constantly sought to attract consumers’ attention. After all, product packaging occupies important position in marketing. Cylinder Paper Packaging uses paper as the main raw material, which is in line with the global green packaging development concept. With the continuous upgrade of the global “plastic restriction order”, paper packaging has received more attention from the market, and has been favored by the packaging field of various industries.

Printed Paper Tube with Ribbon
Not only that, the packaging structure of Paper Tube is complex, and some differentiated packaging forms can be realized through different technological processes. Moreover, the Cardboard tubes can also exhibit different functional attributes,  according to different processes, so as to meet the packaging needs of different industries and different products. At present, Paper Tubes are commonly used in our daily lives.

Custom Paper Tube for Cosmetic

Nowadays, there are many kinds of Cylinder Paper Packaging on the market, and they also vary according to the process structure and functional attributes. At present, the specifications and attributes of Paper Tube Packaging used in different industries are also very different. Especially in terms of specifications and sizes, different industries have to customize according to their own needs.

Anderly Packaging can provide paper tube packaging with inner diameter from φ12 to φ230mm to meet the needs of different industries and different products for Paper Tube Packaging. In addition, Anderly Packaging also provides customized services, according to customer needs, from a full range of services from specifications and dimensions, process from structure to printing, to meet customers’ customized needs for Paper Tube Packaging.

If you don’t know much about Paper Tube Packaging, we can also provide high-quality solutions for customers to choose according to customer needs, so as to enhance the marketing value of customers’ product packaging and enhance market competitiveness.

At present, cylindrical paper can packaging has been widely used in cosmetics, gifts, electronic products and many other fields, attracting more and more industry attention to Custom Paper Tube Packaging.Under the global development trend of replacing plastics with paper, Biodegradable Paper Tubes as a kind of paper packaging will usher in a better development prospect.

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