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Why Paper Packaging?

The average person produces a lot of trash every day,this is a huge negative impact on our planet! With pollution and waste continuing to rise it is more important than ever to make small steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. We can do this by making small, everyday changes in our habits and routines to cut out single-use plastics.

We have to do something for our planet and for our descendants.

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Choose sustainability. Buy less plastic.
  • Plant a tree. Trees provide food and oxygen. They help save energy and clean the air.
  • Ride bicycles more. Drive less.

As an environmentally friendly packaging manufacturer,in which areas can paper packaging completely replace and partially replace plastic packaging?

-Personal Care products. In recent years, lip balm paper tubes and deodorant paper tubes have become very popular. Durable and easy to use push-up paper tubes made completely out of recyclable paper. They are lined with greaseproof paper that is compostable, plastic-free,biodegradable and recyclable, which can effectively prevent the moisture and oil in the balm inside the paper tube from penetrating outward. They are all eco-friendly materials and can be biodegradable. They are portable, lightweight, and contents are easily pushed up by a disc at the bottom of the tube.

Candle Packaging. Candles are always packed in glass/ceramic jar, they are well-protected. So candle manufacturers prefer to choose cost-effective folding paper box or round paper tube packaging.

-Pre-Roll joints market. Paper tube packaging for pre-roll joint is becoming increasingly popular,It’s due to various factors, particularly the growth of the pre-roll industry. Childproof paper tube packaging has a locking button, easy to use button locking system and to protect children and animals accidental consumption.

After reading these examples, would you consider using or buying paper packaging instead of plastic packaging?

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