native deodorant oval paper tube

Why Cardboard Tube for Deodorant ?

Body scent will increase personal charm. Therefore, deodorant is one of the most popular products to control odors . Are you curious to learn more simple ways you can choose green and reduce your impact on the environment?When you have a deodorant business, deodorant packaging should be given enough attention. Traditional plastic deodorant stick packs are damaging to the environment. There’s just something about the paper that feels closer to nature. The push-up cardboard tube packaging is completely made of biodegradable paper. It’s recyclable and sustainable packaging for deodorant. 

plastic free deodorant paper tube

Tom’s of maine deodorant, 2 oz, small cap.

Generally speaking,the most common structure is round push-up paper tube. To increase the customer’s sense of use Anderly Packaging has developed oval shape cardboard tube for deodorant. Unlike the traditional oval-shaped paper tube,Anderly Packaging provides more oval paper tube. Size can be customized,contact us if you are interested in our plastic-free packaging.

oval & round paper tube Oval & Round Paper Tube

It will be easy to customized your own deodorant packaging in Anderly Packaging.

  • Confirm the size. Molds are available from 0.5 oz to 2.65 oz. 
  • Design template. Anderly Packaging has a free die-cutting service.

After we receive your design artwork, we’ll take care of the rest.

If you don’t have enough budget to do customization,don’t worry,Anderly Packaging can provide stickers with you.

printed tube
blank tube with sticker

What Are Reasons to Switch to Plastic-Free Deodorant Packaging

  • It reduces the need for plastic. When possible, choose paper packaging instead. With the time passing by, your purchasing choices will help reduce the commercial demand for plastic products.
  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn mitigates the effects of global warming. The most common greenhouse gases emitted by plastics are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. These gases exacerbate global warming.
  • It’s a simple switch, but it makes a big difference. Switching to natural deodorants in plastic-free packaging will make you realize that you can make an impact with just one product at a time without giving up the eco-friendly deodorant formula you love to use. This is another step in the right direction when adopting a natural lifestyle.

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