What Trends Will Last In A Changing World?

Changes in the way people shop – We all know a lot about e-commerce and its impact. But there are many aspects. You can buy it easily. This has had a major impact on packaging and products and the way they promote packaging. The same goes for the shopping experience. People want to buy more than just what’s on the package. They want experiences. The whole world of direct-to-consumer and home delivery has completely changed our business.

Technology is everywhere – Technology, in one way or another, plays a role in everything we do, even if it’s just the way we order food. We never knew there was competition. They may sell what we sell, but they sell things online or through other channels. To answer the question “Who are my real competitors?” It’s really hard.

Care about the consumer – What really cares about the consumer is how their brand responds to different situations. Now we see it in the “Black Lives Matter” protests. We think it carries COVID-19 and health risks. But the way a brand or company is, how they see the world, how they react to what’s going on around them are all very important. People buy or don’t buy on that basis.

Sustainability — we’re all familiar with this. Let’s assume that this exists and continues to evolve. The brand is the story – this is one of the deeper meanings of packaging, because in many cases the packaging may be the main way to convey those stories, and we have to do it in a simple way (no more than a million words).

If we start with vision, then we have to match that with insight. Think about what really resonates with consumers, not just functional requirements. We try to help express the emotional advantage of the product, but it can be conveyed and reinforced in the packaging, whether it’s some kind of happiness, a sense of connection, a good feeling about yourself, or just an experience.

We are now living in a rapidly changing world. How to use new packaging to grab consumers’ attraction? That’s essential to be considered.Because sometimes packaging may be the key to success or failure, but in fact it conveys all the wonderful things you want to convey.

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