What Is Plastic-Free Lip Balm / Deodorant Paper Tube Packaging?

It’s really harder than it sounds when replacing traditional plastic containers, to use eco-friendly and recyclable paper tube packaging. As everybody knows,plastic packaging has large environmental and health impact. To pursue earth friendly,Anderly Packaging provides Plastic-Free Lip Balm / Deodorant Paper Tube Packaging. This new paperboard package has the potential to have significant positive impact and lay the groundwork for even broader impact.


Coconut Matter Plastic Free Deodorant Packaging
Coconut Matter Plastic-Free Deodorant Packaging


These cardboard cosmetic tubes have a capacity of 1 oz and are perfect for deodorant or perfume sticks, with their clever push-up paper tube design. Each tube is made from recycled cardboard and has an interior plant-based wax lining which makes the product water and oil resistant as well as food safe. The product contains no plastic, is home compostable and also uses plant-based glues.

Coconut Matter Plastic-Free Deodorant Packaging
Coconut Matter Deodorant Push-Up Paper Tube

In order to prevent the deodorant from leaking in filling progress, greaseproof paper is used as the inner lining of the paper tube packaging, and it has a good effect. We also use a 5mm thicker push-up paperboard disc, and the effect of customer feedback is very good. If you need some samples for testing, we will be able to provide you with 3-5 deodorant samples for free. It is worth noting that our available deodorant push-up paper tube packaging has a capacity of 0.5Oz, 1Oz, 1.5Oz, 2Oz, 2.5Oz, and can choose any of black, white or brown. Contact us for more details.

How To Use Deodorant Paper Tube?

The earth-friendly paper tubes are completely recyclable and sustainable, making an eco alternative to tubes made out of plastics. The push-up cardboard deodorant paper tubes are built with an oil-resistant paper barrier. You can use a finger to easily push up the disk at the bottom of the tube to dispense the deodorant.

If you want your product and packaging to be 100% natural, then the package it comes in should be biodegradable. If you care about the environment, paper tubes are your best choices.

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