oval paper tube

What is Oval Paper Tube?

Compared with plastic containers for deodorant, we highly recommend recyclable paper deodorant packaging. Because cardboard packaging is more popular, 100% recyclable and meet strict environmental requirements. 

In addition to the cylinder push-up paper tube packaging, the packaging structure can also be an oval shape. Oval shape deodorant containers in cardboard are very rare, it’s new and creative, as shown in our products. Are you curious to learn more about oval paper tube? Here we go.

The Structure

oval push up paper tube big cap
  • Oval shape-big cap
  • Push-up feature
  • L*W*H can be customized
  • White,brown and black paper material options
  • greaseproof lining
oval deodorant paper tube
  • Oval shape-small cap
  • Push-up feature
  • L*W*H can be customized
  • White,brown and black paper material options
  • greaseproof lining

The Material

oval paper tube material
greaseproof paper

Anderly Packaging selects 100% recycable paper as paper core material,which is FSC certified. There are brown kraft,food grade white paper and high quality black paper for your options. To achieve perfect greaseproof function,Anderly Packaging uses imported greaseproof paper as a liner. 

Many clients already test our greaseproof paper tube, it works very well. It has been incorporated into the new packaging of the product. 

The Customization

  1. Size can be customized. Anderly Packaging developed 2.5 oz oval paper tube,which is the common size for deodorant. Current available size is 52*30*100mm(L*W*H). If you need other size,please contact us. We will send you more details.
  2. Material can be customized. There are white paper,brown kraft and black paper available.
  3. Surface printing design can be customized. For the consideration of environmental protection, we generally recommend our customers to adopt uncoated paper with simple printing. Our soy bean based ink is eco friendly. Colorful printing and more surface handling will be available on coated paper. 
custom oval paper tube
native deodorant paper tube
native deodorant oval paper tube

The Advantages

  • From production use to waste disposal, it is non-polluting to the environment and can be recycable.
  • Light weight, easy to load.
  • Clean and firm, the paper tube is lined with greaseproof paper, so it can effectively protect the safety of goods.
  • Compared with plastic packaging, the MOQ is low, the mold cost is low, and more importantly, it reduces waste.

We do this to benefit our posterity, so that their living environment will be better and the air will be fresher in the future. . In addition, it can meet the needs of product display according to the different design requirements of customers.

oval paper tube (8)


Environmentally friendly packaging design has provided us with some sanitation conditions. When designing solutions, these packaging designers have carefully considered how to extend the service life of these packagings and the recycling rate of these outer packagings, so as to maximize the use value of these environmentally-friendly packaging, and to give full play to its use value and diversify its functions.

Oval Paper Tube is a creative deodorant packaging,attractive on the shelf. Oval paper tube is a great deodorant packaging, both in shape and material.

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