Tips for Custom Cosmetic Packaging

We all know that custom cosmetic packaging boxes have various benefits, but no matter how beautiful the custom cosmetic packaging paper tubes are, the inner materials are also made of paper and cardboard. How to ensure that our custom cosmetic packaging paper tubes will not be stored due to problems Affect normal use, as a Paper Tube Manufacturer we have something to say.

Why we love paper tubes? the eye-catching designs, shelf presence, the premium & quality feel and robust protection. It has the recognizable look, now features an extra level of sustainability, without having an impact on strength, and able to perform as a premium packaging solution creating shelf-disruption. The beauty industry generates a lot of waste, which is inspiring some manufacturers to creatively reduce their ecological impact with not only zero-waste packaging but also low-impact, Earth-friendly ingredients.

Mounting pressure to minimise environmental impact has created positive change, with beauty brands of all sizes developing innovative eco-packaging solutions. Anderly Packaging offers Eco-Tube that is recyclable.Biodegradable Deodorant Cardboard Tube


These zero-waste makeup products boast eco-friendly features like reusable or recyclable packaging, product refills, biodegradable components and more. They’re also made with limited ingredients that are carefully sourced, so what you’re putting on your face is just as good as what you’re doing for the planet.

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When you have a requirement on custom cosmetic packaging,there are some tips for you:

First, do a good job of moisture-proofing customized cosmetic packaging boxes
We all know that as paper products, the biggest natural enemy is damp weather. If it is not stored well, custom cosmetic packaging boxes will not only become soft, but it is more likely that the custom cosmetic packaging boxes will become moldy due to damp weather. Then you work hard. The customized cosmetic packaging box that was designed is no longer valid. Therefore, after our products are produced, the most important thing is to keep the warehouse dry and ventilated, especially in the rainy season, by pumping out excessive moisture in the air to maintain the rigidity and mildew resistance of the customized cosmetic packaging paper tube.

Secondly, in terms of raw materials, we should use materials that have undergone moisture-proof treatment, which can effectively reduce the problems caused by moisture to your customized cosmetic packaging boxes.

Third, the process of laminating cannot be saved. We all know that our customized cosmetic packaging paper tube is damaged largely because it comes into contact with air, which softens the packaging. If your product has undergone the process of laminating, it will be customized for you. A waterproof wall is artificially established between the cosmetic packaging box and the air, so that there is no direct connection between the water and the raw materials, and the deterioration of the packaging box will be greatly reduced.

Fourth, in the transportation link, we must pay attention to the use of vans. Weather changes are often irregular. If we don’t pay attention to transportation and suddenly encounter rainy weather, then your customized cosmetics packaging box will be miserable, and it will directly become a puddle of soft paper, although the open air Cars often have tarpaulins, but after all, the kind is not fully enclosed, so you must not ignore this small detail in the transportation link, even if you do well in front, if you do not handle this step properly, then everything is In vain.

Fifth, pay attention to cultivating employees’ awareness of fire prevention. We all know that water and fire are ruthless, custom-made cosmetic packaging boxes, afraid of water when wet, but also afraid of fire when dry. Sometimes a cigarette butt may cause unpredictable losses. Any company must pay attention to this point. Usually, more employees should be popularized related fire fighting work and form a habit, so as to prevent incidents from happening at the source.

Almost every packaging inquiry that we get these days requests our best eco options. To satisfy this need, we offer many credible ‘eco options’ in primary packaging components to our existing and new customers.  We only track the entire process from raw materials, production, transportation to storage, so that your custom cosmetic packaging boxes will not cause damage and eventually cause irreparable consequences.

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