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Surface Finishing on Paper Tube

Anderly Packaging offers a complete line of paper surface treatments that enhance the functional and visual properties of packaging. The most common surface paper applied on paper tube are uncoated paper and coated paper. What are The merit and demerit?

Uncoated paper is 100% biodegradable. Uncoated paper has not been coated with a surface sealant. Inks dry by absorbing into the paper. This paper type produces dull colors.

uncoated paper
printed white uncoated paper

Coated paper is treated with a clay coating, which creates a glossy or matte finish. Various surface finishing options can be applied for different effects. The coating makes it more resistant to dirt. Depending on the finishes applied to coated paper, ink is absorbed differently. Instead of absorbing into the paper, the ink stays on top of the coating, which can be desirable for certain designs. The demerit of coated paper is that it’s not fully biodegradable.

Mail Tube

Surface finishing options

  1. Lamination.Anderly Packaging provides matt film,glossy film,anti-scratch film,soft Touch film.
  2. Spot UV. It can be used to highlight a specific point or area on the entire paper.
  3. Hot stamping. It often adds a reflective aspect to the printed material. We have different colors:glod,silver,other color and laser.
  4. Embossing/debossing. Embossing finishing is usually referred to to enhance the prominence and texture of the sections. In this way, images and words can be felt accurately. Debossing is exactly opposite of Embossing. It is often used for pressing down or indenting particular portions of the page. The surface of the printed material is indented in order to create a 3D effect.)
matt lamination
spot uv
hot stamping

Using the right paper finish can enhance and complement your marketing design. Once the creative experts have worked their design magic, be sure to consider the intended use of your project. Some designs can be improved by incorporating small design details into the print.

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