White Cardboard LED Light Bulb Paper Tube Packaging

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Details about White Cardboard LED Light Bulb Paper Tube Packaging

When you get a good led light product, what you need may be just such a good tube packaging boxes to protect your merchandise and to attract your customers. This sample we present is special, it has two parts: the lid is also used as support of the LED light, so covering it with the tube main body, the product is totally packed, which is a convenient design. The packaging box is made by multiple robust materials: 300g black cardboard, 350g grey cardboard and double chrome paper of 80g as decoration on the surface. On the double chrome paper, 3D printing is applied to show the using scenario of the LED light, with such colorful design, it can easily attract customers’ attention and stimulate their willing to buy.

If you need any tube packaging box, you are at the right place. We are factory fabricating tube packaging box for years and have full experience for such kind of products. Just get in touch and tell us what you need, and within several days you will have your ideal custom tube packaging box for LED light.

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