Superior Quality White Cardboard Tube for Scented Candle Packaging


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Details about Superior Quality White Cardboard Tube for Scented Candle Packaging

We provide Candle paper tube can be used for personal packaging can also be used for business. If you are a wholesaler or retailer of packaging, you can order a cylinder for personal use. We will provide you with customized labels and ribbons that will allow consumers to write personalized slogans and become creative packaging. If your round boxes are for commercial use, we recommend using a custom product packaging with logo, designed entirely for you, embedding brand storytelling and other product features into the packaging, making the printed cardboard round boxes packaging an ambassador for the brand. Custom tube boxes are made of cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper and special paper. The printing process includes bronzing, UV, four-color(CMYK) printing, hot silver processing, etc. You can freely choose and combine them to produce a perfect package.

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