Small Push up Lip Balm Paper Tube

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90% Cotton, 10% Leather


20x50x10 cm


1.5 Kg

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Details about Small Push up Lip Balm Paper Tube

Small Push up Lip Balm Paper Tube with Free-moving Disc Bottom

When you get new packaging of lip balm, what you need then is a nice lip balm paper tube packaging printing for it. This lip balm paper tube with logo is made by 157g chrome paper or kraft. And we offer endless additional process options on printing and finishing,such as foil stamping,debossing,embossing. For a good lip balm Paper Tube Packaging, the printing is a vital part, that`s why we choose full color printing to get the best performance. Very luxury and charming, the design of the packaging is also well created to achieve a maximum attraction.

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