New Design Custom Square Shaped Cardboard Tube with Rolled Edge Square Paper Tube with R Angle

Roll Edge Paperboard Tube Square Shaped Cardboard Tube Packaging

Round Cornner Paper Box

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Details about New Design Custom Square Shaped Cardboard Tube with Rolled Edge Square Paper Tube with R Angle

Square Paper Tube Packaging with R Angle,can be customized by users to reflect their branding, logo, or even favorite slogans, mailing addresses and so on.  Anderly Packaging factory has 12-year production experience,we never stop developing. According to the needs of customers, we made molds, proofed samples, and changed molds over and over again, which lasted 3 months, and finally completed mass production within the time limit required by customers and delivered them smoothly.

This is a custom designed for hearing aids that is both functional and attractive. Its biggest advantage is appearance. In the entire packaging market, rounded corner square paper tube packaging box is a new technology. The main material is made of black cardboard, and the tube construction is durable and provides basic protection. Inside this square paper tube packaging is a black EVA foam with space for different tools to hold and protect them. obviously, this box is not only a commercial packaging, but a great tool container for immediate use, a feature that sellers and customers will love. The silver foil logo is simple and effective, clear and generous, and provides basic information such as brand, product, details, etc., so that customers can quickly understand the product. All in all, the material and appearance of this square paper tube packaging box is very attractive.

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