Natural Brown Cardboard Tube Box Packaging for Wine Glass Bottle



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Details about Natural Brown Cardboard Tube Box Packaging for Wine Glass Bottle

Many wine brands refuse to adopt cardboard tube boxes. Why? Although several red wines use composition board or square boxes of cardboard,there is a full cardboard tube box for your option now; Wine packaging is additionally a decent type of packaging, and within the packaging style may be a larger breakthrough than the square box. If you do not have a decent plan regarding the wine box packaging, you’ll be able to use the samples we tend to show you as a reference for custom wine packaging.

The round cardboard tube box packaging can be fully applied to the wine tubes packaging, making the packaging boxes reflect classic or luxury, or fashion. A unique designed wine packaging is what we can’t say no. The round cylinder cardboard tube packaging is perfect to fit round wine bottle inside them. For luxury product, we emphasize simple and elegant style, thus no complicated content. Directly print the bottle design on the surface,it’s so simple.You can use this large cardboard tube box for 700ml wine bottle, or demand us to make your proper customization.

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