Flat Edge Paper Tube for Chocolate with PVC Window

Details about Flat Edge Paper Tube for Chocolate with PVC Window

If you work in the food industry, you may be looking for such a nice cardboard food tube box of chocolates. It has a small, short structure to arrange the mini chocolate balls, consisting of gold cardboard and 400g grey cardboard, and is 1.2mm thick, strong enough to hold weight and provide proper protection. The inside of the package is covered with a layer of foil to protect the surface from moisture and oxygen deprivation, a necessary way to protect food. The lid, in addition, is made of cardboard and a transparent PVC round window, allowing the customer to see the chocolate directly by looking inside, and printing the label on the surface to provide all the necessary information about the chocolate as well as specifying the generic base package for each chocolate product. If you like this Flat Edge Paper Tube for Chocolate with PVC Window, please feel free to contact us to meet your customized needs.

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