Essential Oil Packaging of Cosmetic Paper Tube Bottle Holder


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Details about Essential Oil Packaging of Cosmetic Paper Tube Bottle Holder

When you are selecting custom paper tubes packaging for product, the choice is based on the characteristics of the product packaging design options, the size is also determined by the specific product model. Especially for custom cosmetics essential oil packaging, there are more styles to be chosen, in terms of printing process there are mainly bronzing, hot silver or UV, focusing on the high-grade essential oils packaging.

If you think this is a very limited number of product packages for you, that’s not correct. We are professional packaging manufacturers from China, can provide you with a variety of styles of tube boxes packaging, widely used for essential oils, electronic products, food and other industries. More importantly, everything we sample for you is free and you get samples within 2 hours after receiving your package design file, something that other packaging providers cannot do.

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