Custom Special Shaped Paper Tube Packaging for Gift

Details about Custom Special Shaped Paper Tube Packaging for Gift

If you a looking for package for gift or something small and valuable, you can choose this high-grade tube packaging box .One thing that makes this tube box outstanding is the use of good material: 350g cardboard with 80g chrome paper. Taking the size of the box into consideration, the very high density of raw material used makes it solid, exquisite and attractive. On the top, the ring and logo are printed with golden hot stamping, along with artistic writing on the bottom, form a simple but attractive package. The specialty of this packaging is the tilted-cutting tubes.

If you consider making your own package on the basis of this one, do not hesitate, just tell us what you need. We will provide within 48 hours a professional solution of your needs for high-grade cardboard tube packaging box .

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