Custom Paper Tube Packaging of Milk Powder

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Details about Custom Paper Tube Packaging of Milk Powder

Packaging has a variety of performance models, but ordinary food packaging has been difficult to attract the attention of consumers. Only creative product packaging can stand out in the fierce market competition and achieve the purpose of enhancing brand awareness. Creative milk powder packaging can focus on a certain aspect of publicity, to obtain a targeted customer base. Another way is to use special paper to create the feeling of an upscale gift box.

Although many brands of milk powder use tinplate cans, paper cans are more cost-effective than tinplate cans. It saves the cost of some customized packaging, and logo printing on the surface is good for promoting products and brands. The position of the cardboard box at the bottom of the round carton, the brand identity, and the basic information of the brand owner can promote the brand promotion without affecting the overall appearance of the package.

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