Custom 3-Piece Paper Tube Packaging with Inner Tube Coated


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Details about Custom 3-Piece Paper Tube Packaging with Inner Tube Coated

Many activities need such luxury cylinder gift box to package high-end products, packaging needs to have special visual performance and high quality technology. The box is made of 300g grey cardboard and coated with 60g chrome paper, which is attractive to wearers, wine and mascara. You can request adjustments to suit different products. Printing is also very special. For the part of the logo, we printed the logo with black color, but for the other part, we printed it in full color with good color performance.

Now, if this tube package appeals to you, all you need to do is contact us and tell us the details of your requirements. Our professional team is ready to respond to your needs and provide you with exclusive luxury gift boxes.

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