Creative Toy Gift Packaging Custom White Cardboard Tube

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Details about Creative Toy Gift Packaging Custom White Cardboard Tube

80% of the toy gift boxes are designed with a square packaging structure, but the data shows that the cylindrical packaging is easier to remember by consumers and often achieves the best publicity effect. Most round paper gift boxes have LIDS, but the top design of a cardboard box is different from that of a tubular box: it can have a transparent window, be treated with plastic edges at the edges, or simply use wooden LIDS, depending on the situation.

The e packaging of this children’s toy, using a small cardboard box packaging design, the surface design is mainly to show the cute image. The customized packaging material is a cylinder structure with 300g cardboard as the main material. Paper for 157 g coated paper, using 4C printing process.

When you customize your tubular package, you do not need to worry about the size and style of the package, because these factors are directly determined by your needs in the production of the package, we will produce the perfect package for your needs. If you can directly attach the packing documents and contact us by phone, we will be able to wrap the paper gift box samples within 2 hours and communicate with you about the details.

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