cardboard lip balm tubes

6 Reasons to Import Paper Lip Balm Tubes from China

Importing paper lip balm tubes from China may sound like a complicated process, but it’s actually very simple and can save you money, especially if you order in bulk from an experienced supplier who knows the ins and outs of the shipping process in China.

Here are some of the most important reasons to import paper lip balm tubes from China.

Free design die-cutting

Send your artwork design to our packaging experts and we will provide you with a free die-cutting service. Our packaging experts are professional and experienced in customizing paper lip balm tubes, paper tube packaging and cosmetic packaging. We know how to apply your artwork design to your product, which is critical to a successful retail launch.


Small minimum order quantity

The minimum order quantity for custom-made paper lip balm tubes is only 5000pcs. So when you want to start a new business and it’s only 5000pcs, choosing custom-made lip balm tubes is absolutely a great idea.

Coconut Matter Lip Balm Paper Tube
Coconut Matter Lip Balm Paper Tube

Custom Variety of sizes and colors

Unlike other vendors, we support full customization. It means that not only material, color and process can be customized, but also the length, width and every detail can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements. Our experienced team works hard for customers’ success. We believe each customer is a partner for us and we are willing to share market experiences with you!

How To Use Deodorant Paper Tube?

Fast lead time

We are very responsive and will start producing and making your product as soon as we receive your deposit. All our goods are customized according to your needs, so we usually do final confirmation with you before mass production, and only after the confirmation is approved we will start mass production, but our skilled workers and efficient equipment can deliver to you very quickly. The delivery time is based on the quantity and technics you need. Usually, our lead time is 7-15 days.

Coconut Matter Deodorant Packaging Paper Tube
Coconut Matter Deodorant Packaging

Great quality paper lip balm tubes packaging

We’re proud of our lip balm tubes, we think they’re some of our best products. Our paper lip balm tubes have undergone rigorous lab tests and are structured to look great while remaining durable throughout their entire use. You can trust our quality, and trust us when we say that these will fit your brand just right! As a matter of fact, we guarantee it.

cardboard lip balm tubes
cardboard lip balm tubes

Eco-friendly and very cost-effective

Unlike common plastic lip balm tubes, paper lip balm tubes are environmentally friendly and utilize recyclable and compostable paper materials. This is good for our planet and good for your budget. In fact, it is cheaper to make lip balm from a paper tube compared to a plastic tube. It also makes you stand out from your competitors.

natural lip balm
natural lip balm


While you can find locally made paper lip balm tubes, the unit cost per tube can be higher than the cost of wholesale from China, making it unaffordable for businesses. If you are looking for eco-friendly, affordable paper lip balm packaging, you can contact our packaging experts today.

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