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How to Custom Wine Packaging?

Every wine brand has its own unique voice. Some brands convey a high-class, carefully crafted spirit. Some brands serve a more down-to-earth, more eco-conscious consumer who prefers simplicity and minimalism.

No matter which market your wine serves, Anderly Packaging will assist you to find a custom paper tube packaging solution,then enhance your brand image.

We will conduct an in-depth review of your packaging needs to determine the best paper tube for you. Afterwards, we offer our customers the opportunity to customize a new paper tube prototype. This process helps ensure that all of your packaging needs are met. For more information on custom wine paper tubes and creating visually appealing packaging, please contact us today.


What's the process of custom wine paper tube?

  1. Let us know your packaging needs.
  2. Confirm the paper tube packaging size.
  3. Anderly Packaging will provide template for design.
  4. Sending us your design for customizing a paper tube prototype.

What's the advantage of paper tube packaging?

  1. Bespoke sizes and styles. Every paper tube is customized to your size,  brand image, and whatever the shape of your wine bottle is, price will fit within your budget.
  2. Custom printing and logo. We’ve got various finishing options for you. Gold foil, laser goil,spot UV, texturing, embossing and embossing can be all optional.
  3. Rigid enough. We can customize the wall thickness of the cardboard from 1mm, 1.5mm to thicker to alleviate your concerns about the glass bottle being damaged during transportation.
  4. Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging option. 

Common style of wine paper tube packaging

wine packaging with paper cap
wine packaging with tin ends

Wine Paper Tube

with paper cap

Wine Paper Tube

with metal ends

Wine packaging was usually in corrugated packaging and hard cardboard box packaging. Now, more options are available, custom paper tubes can be used for wine packaging. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company,you should consider this packaging trend.

Want your wine packaging to be unique and give your brand a competitive advantage? Contact us,or send your requirements to Our sales will assist you.

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