Common Product-Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

The packing of your products tells us a lot about your company. It should tell the world that your brand is strong, your products are first-class, and your business can be trusted. However, in many cases, companies make the following 10 common packaging mistakes. Here are some things to avoid.

Your packing is not environmentally friendly.
It is difficult to provide 100% eco-friendly packaging for your products, but you should try to add some eco-friendly elements. Society rewards companies that manage their natural resources better. If you can modify the packaging design of your products to show your environmental protection, you may have new sales.

Your packing is cheap.
Every company wants to keep costs reasonably low, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your packaging. A cheap package may break, which is a big problem, because the contents may overflow, damage or damage. Be frugal, but be wise. Your packaging should sell and protect your products.

Your packing is out of date.
When was the last time you evaluated product packaging? Has it been many years, even generations? Outdated packaging may give long-term customers some nostalgia, but it’s likely to be a waste of packaging material and give your company an outdated look. This is a common product packaging error – but it is easily remedied with the help of packaging design professionals.

Your product packaging design does not follow new rules or guidelines.
When evaluating your product packaging, it is important to consider the rules, regulations, and guidelines governing your industry. If your product packaging design does not meet the regulation, you may be fined, or even worse. Be aware of any changes you must or should make.

People Are Making Fun of Your Product Packaging on Social Media. 
Social media matters. Millions of people post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If there`s a growing movement mocking any of your packaging designs, you should take it seriously. Make the most of the situation by offering a contest between several prototypes and seeing which one consumers prefer.

Your packing is misleading.
Have you ever bought a bag of crisps and found that most of them were filled with air? Really disappointed! This is a typical example of misleading packaging. The same applies to a bag of candy. When there are only four or five pieces in it, it seems to mean there is a lot of candy in it. Consumers don’t like to be misled, so make sure your packaging properly represents what’s inside.

Your packing is too big.
Don’t waste shelf space — and don’t waste your money. Too much packaging is defective product packaging. You can create custom product packaging that is not too cumbersome. Making your packaging smaller has another benefit: you may be able to save some money on each package.

8 Your packing is very difficult to open.
Be sure to test your product packaging with your target audience. For example, if you’re offering a product that you want your kids to eat at lunch, don’t make it hard to open your hands. Even if they like the food inside, they will ask for something different.

Your packing looks too complicated.
The best packaging is streamlined, making it easy for consumers to see what’s inside. The product is highlighted without confusion. The worst packaging USES a messy design – it is too complex and leaves potential buyers confused about the product. Simple is always better than complex.

Product packaging is an ever-changing part of your company`s business. When you feel the time is right to consider a new product package design, partner with a trusted leader in the industry. Contact us today to learn more!

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